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"It is easy to acknowledge the need for change, the hardest part is staying committed to the process." 

Mc Edward, Founder

Introducing the Founder
A certified life coach who specializes in transformational life coaching. He is the founder of - pronounced (Mac Vibe Media); his social media platform is used to empower and motivate individuals to unlock their fullest potential. Mc Edward is a visionary whose virtual empowerment center will change lives 
Why McVibeMedia
The world is full of chaos and uncertainties happening around us each day. There are ups and downs, successes, and failures. We smile, laugh and cry. Some people may or may not have a shoulder to lean on. The world continues and life happens to each of us. I am MC Edward, the founder of, and here is our story.
McVibeMedia launched back in January 2019. At that time, our goal was to provide global awareness on issues that were impacting communities. Within several months of launching…. we joined the Instagram family. That is when we became interested in becoming an influencer globally. There was a greater need to change lives in a meaningful way. If we change mindsets, we can strengthen communities.

With social media being so saturated with information…it is easy to become just a follower when large platforms do not personally appeal to people on a personal level. We are a life-coaching social community, our virtual empowerment center connects people individually to their purpose. We want each person to experience themselves differently through transformational change. They can create the life they see for themselves by unlocking their fullest potential.

We are giving back. Most importantly, McVibeMedia is a resource for others who may need support, affirmation, clarification, or an extra push..."You can do this." McVibeMedia is grateful to have resources of certified life coaches who volunteer their free time to support the vision. They manage the virtual empowerment center and prepare motivational content. They are teachers of life like myself. Our purpose is to guide individuals while supporting, uncovering the truth, and breaking down barriers, while strengthening, restoring, and empowering others for real change.
Our mission is changing the world person-by-person, and situation-by-situation. If we can encourage someone to fix their situation, or hold onto hope a little while longer, and not give up, or empower that woman to walk out of her abusive relationship, then we are solving problems, and doing what we are supposed to do.
What is so amazing about McVibeMedia, there is no burden of costs for life coaching services. We have turned what is often paid services into a free social community. Everyone has the same opportunity to unlock their fullest potential. Now commit to yourself by subscribing in the footer to our website and other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter so you can stay connected to your season of empowerment.


What better way to learn what McVibeMedia does than to hear it from the founder who is passionate about motivating and empowering others.

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