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To Give Anything Less Than Your Best Is To Sacrifice The Gift

How many times have you not given something your all? Ask yourself, do you know what it really mean to “give our all” to a thing? Honestly, we cannot literally give a thing our all. If we did, so many other things in our lives would suffer from the lack of attention. Giving it all, is to put your best foot forward while leaving preconceived notions and preconceptions behind. When you over think or over analyze may self-consume you with negative thoughts, and energies that lead to fear and other unwanted outcomes. We start to compare things to what we think should or should not be. Whatever the perception might be is your experience, but it does not necessarily make it true.

It is important to open yourself to all possibilities and be ready to act based on how things are presented to you. When you have no expectations, you see things just as it is. Become vulnerable, intimate, committed, and moved by your goals. Giving it your all, there must be a deep connection to that very idea or ideas that you want to accomplish. Identify what and how…then apply it.

Be present and fully there. Your mind is free of distractions. You are opened to a deeper connection to your goals. You are fully aware with a higher consciousness that allows one to purely experience what it is. When you do not give something your best, you are sacrificing the gifts within you. Your purpose in life brings meaning to it, and that is extra special.

Next time when you are asked to give something your best, it should be natural for you to want to exceed. Give it your all by realizing that you are in control. Flood your mind with positive affirmations that reinforces the connections you have established within yourself and to your goals. “Never give up until you have given out all your very best. It is better to fail trying than wondering what could have happened if you tried.” Estrella

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