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Does Your Past Bound You?

We all have skeletons in the closet that haunt us from our past. Often you may blame yourself for some event or action in your past. You can be your worse enemy by taking ownership of it all, even when it is not your fault. Leaving you to feel extremely stressed and defeated without even trying to find a positive resolution.

Learn to view yourself as a product of your entire self this includes your past. When you take all your experiences into consideration, there is a balance of both negative and positive things. However, when you only focus on the negatives, then the space in your mindset is occupied by negative thoughts. That is why it is important to replace negative thinking with positive responses that produce favorable outcomes. Thus, your life becomes easier and not more difficult than it needs to be.

Although pain can be stressful, it is normal to hold onto it, but it is also beneficial to let go of it after a while. You must be totally real with yourself and decide who you want to be. Your past can keep you bound and make the world seem like a scary place. But you can make a choice to move right through it if you are ready to do the work. When you step out in front of your past, there is no direction to look towards but your future.

Sometimes you may fear that releasing old pain also releases the love you felt at that time. You cannot erase your painful memories but you can put them away so you can move forward in your life. Create your own future so you can live the life you deserve.

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