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How To Establish And Maintain A Meaningful Relationship

Relationships are simply connections we are making with one or more persons. There are different forms of relationships such as romantic, friendship, sibling, and working relationships. These are crucial connections we make with people daily. Having meaningful relationships improves your overall wellbeing, mental-health and builds confidence.

How are you connecting with others? It is much more than having conversations or sharing the same interests. Here are a few points for you to establish a meaningful relationship:

1. Be present, in the moment and willing to devote your full attention, so the other party can have a sense that you do value them.

2. Share what is important for you. And listen to what is essential for them as well. This allows you to establish trust while expressing your values.

3. Be quick to listen and slow to respond. By doing so, you become more of a good listener so that you can truly understand and show compassion.

4. Represent each other’s best interest because you genuinely want the best for one another.

5. Show up honestly by representing the true you…the good, the bad and the ugly. This demonstrates that you can be trusted.

6. Remember no one is perfect and seeking perfection is going to keep you in and out of short-term relationships.

Lastly, be open for change, demonstrate consistency, and become active in doing the work. When you are honest with one another, having each other’s back, supporting and loving one another unconditionally… can avoid barriers that stops you from developing real connections that last a life-time.

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