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How To Rebuild Trust In Your Relationship

Trust is a connection that holds two people together in any type of relationship. When a boundary has been violated, disconnection occurs. You begin to experience things differently in your relationship because the dynamics have changed. This causes great stress for both parties as you experience a sense of loss while gaining other unwanted emotions. However, trust can be repaired or restored. Here are a few tips on how you can regain trust in your relationship.

• First you must be able to diagnose and rebuild credibility that has been lost.

• Own up to your role – This means taking responsibility for your action. Stop blaming or minimizing or making excuses…..doing so will not help your cause.

• Be authentic and ready to apologize – This should come across as intentional with moving forward, identify lessons learned and sharing things that may make you feel uncomfortable. Remember, it is about righting the wrong.

• Set aside a time for a conversation – Make sure there is a quiet space with no interruptions.

• Demonstrate active listening – This means that you are present and being receptive to what is being shared. Using the right words and effective body language is key to positive dialogue.

• Actions speak louder than words…so be sure to change your unwanted behaviors and replace them with positive ones that rectify the situation. It is about repairing; thus, change must take place.

• Lastly, allow plenty of time for healing. Rebuilding trust is not something that happens overnight. Feel empowered and motivated to practicing honesty. Having a strong sense of commitment to the process will allow the relationship to get back on track over time.

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