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There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Selfish

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

There is nothing wrong with being selfish! I am not talking about disrespectful, narcissistic crazy heads. I am talking about the kind of selfish people who put themselves first before other people by taking care of themselves. You must learn how to fill your cup, so you can have something to drink. That is why selfishness is good for you.

Selfishness involves spending time on your diet, workouts, pursuing your career or education, or spending quality time with your family just to name a few. In what healthy ways can you be selfish to make sure of your well-being?

Some people may think one is selfish when they leave a friend stranded or not giving up some gas money when they needed repeatedly needed rides to the grocery store. That is not selfishness, that is being an asshole.

When the word “selfish” comes to mind, people start to naturally associate that with some negative aspect of one’s action. Being selfish is about putting yourself first when thinking short-term. I call it, self-care, something we hear about quite often. It is not selfish when you want to spend time alone or when you want the freedom of your time and spend money on yourself, or say no.

Do not neglect yourself and your health to avoid feeling selfish. Selfishness is not a terrible thing. It is a good thing when you are somewhat selfish by taking care of your very own personal needs. Now that is evolving in the New Year.

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