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Take Pride In Your True Colors

In honor of National LGBTQ Pride Month of June, we celebrate what it means to appreciate being YOU and living your authentic life. No matter what you identify with, it is important to embrace diversity and have an inclusivity mindset with an understanding, all of us are different in many ways but share humanity. Pride month is a reminder of how meaningful it is to recognize and appreciate the differences that unites. It is an incredible example of how wonderfully diverse the world is.

This past year, every one of us from different walks of life was met with difficult challenges that tested who we are as people. It is these tough moments that brings people and communities together to protect health and liberties. We have risen above those trials and tribulations with hopes of light, peace, and unity. Each person continues to press forward with self-promises to endure, conquer and survive. Millions of lives lost throughout the world because of Covid.

We have seen communities separated by racism, protests that were peaceful, but some were violent, racial profiling, failed policing and let us not forget about the insurrection. Hate crimes against transgenders, the increasing rise in gun violence has left us overwhelmed like a soaking rag. There is still much work to do for public health, criminal justice, gender and racial equality and gun control. We encourage everyone to use their voice to advocate for change instead of undoing what has already been achieved.

Inspire to be the change you want to see around you while supporting diversity and inclusion. We all have one life to live. Start or continue living your life and celebrate when others are living theirs. That is celebrating diversity. We must continue to peacefully advocate for fairness, equality, and justice. Take pride in your true colors. Happy Pride Month.

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