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Surviving Complicated Relationships

Most of us have experienced some sort of complicated relationship such as friends with benefits, the secret relationship, long-distance relationship, the married crush, love triangle or whatever I may have missed. We had our reasons why staying was the right decision regardless of how the relationship made us feel. You may not love each other anymore but you are trying to pretend as you do. Maybe you just looking for a booty call and the other person may want something more. If it is too complicated to explain, it may be too complicated to keep.

To survive a complicated relationship is, to be honest with yourself. See things for what they are worth. As such, you can align yourself with realistic expectations. Why is your relationship complicated in the first place? Once you have identified the problem, you can better address the issue head-on. If you clear your head from emotions, you will be able to accept reality and acknowledge what is happening and create a plan for correction. Complicated relationships are heartbreaking and painful experiences, especially when you are alone and have no clear path to understanding your love life.

Unfortunately, there is no blueprint, and no complicated relationships are the same. I always suggest to couples is that they have an open dialogue by communicating their feelings to their partner. Living in denial and avoiding the situation only makes a lingering issue. Once you have addressed your concerns, you will have a better idea of where the relationship is going.

If there seem to be no resolutions, then you must decide to stay or leave. Choosing to walk out of your relationship may be difficult, painful, but you would at least be able to remove the painful complication from your life. The longer you stay, only make things even more complicated while also, wasting valuable time in finding the right relationship for you.

If you are able to work it out and improve the quality of your relationship is an incredible sign things are all good.

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